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17 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites in 2020

You’ve probably heard about free sports streaming sites and this post will will list 17 of them in a moment.

Every sports fanatic fan would love to watch live sports events. Whether you are a soccer fan, a tennis diehard, a cricket hard-core, golf deep-dyed, rugby conservative, or rooting for boxing, you will always want to watch the matches live. 

Fortunately, many free sports streaming sites allow fans across the world to watch matches live through their smart TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. 

However, many free sports streaming sites depend on ads to make some profit, and they include lots of them to make a decent income. Therefore, you need to be more careful when streaming on free sports streaming sites to avoid and block the ads. I recommend that you try out a VPN service to stop these annoying ads. 

In this post, I will offer you 17 free sports streaming sites you can use starting today. These sites are legitimate and have been extracted from Alexa rankings. And if in any case, any of these free sports streaming sites violates any rules, please reach out to us. That said, let’s dive in. 

1. Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN is my #1 go to a sports streaming site if I want to catch a live match. Likewise, if you are a fanatic fan, the chances are that you already know about Watch ESPN or you have even used it to watch games live. 

Today, Watch ESPN has become a lot faster, and users can now stream sports events much quicker than before. On Watch ESPN, you can record, watch live events, view commentaries, among others. 

The best of all is that Watch ESPN is available on your favourite devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, smartphone, desktop, laptop, Xbox One, Roku, Xbox 360, and Google Chromecast. 

The only downside of Watch ESPN is that not all countries can access it. However, you can still access this free sports streaming site with a VPN service like RynVPN and catch all the matches live. 


The second on this list is the FromHot, which most people love because of its simple user interface. Even more, this free sports streaming site doesn’t include so many annoying ads that would end up distracting users when catching their live sports events. 

The website’s design makes it easy for users to navigate every single page of the website and have a more fabulous user experience. The colors blend so well from the homepage and to the other pages on the site. Even more, the pages are arranged according to the sports events they have lined up, so you won’t take eternity trying to find your favorite sports event. 

Watching the matches is just a click away. All you need to do is go to the game you want to watch and click on the play icon, and the game will begin playing immediately. In fact, as opposed to other sports streaming sites, FromHot will not require you to sign up for anything to watch the matches. Now, the best thing I love about FromHot is that you can set your timezone and watch the events depending on your timezone. 


One of the things I take into consideration when choosing a sports streaming site is the user interface. Now, when I first visited the StreamSports site, I was impressed with the design and look. It was relatively easy to navigate with the sport names forming the menus. 

One of the unique selling points of StreamSports is that it is ads-free. This is not common with so many free sports streaming sites out there, which is usually their primary source of online revenue. The free sports streaming sites also give you a ton of options to make your experience even better. For example, you can filter through the matches to only watch what you want. 

StreamSports offers users all their favorite sports – from football to motorsports to hockey to tennis. You can also watch highlights when you didn’t arrive early to catch the match live, which is advantageous to many sports diehards. 

The best of all is that you can quickly sign up for StreamSports and be notified about your favorite matches. Even more, you can block any sports updates that you don’t want, making your experience just fantastic. 


Laola1 is one of the most popular sports streaming sites globally, and there’s no doubt many fans love it. On LaolaTV, you can stream sports live or view the recorded video if you didn’t find an opportunity to catch the match live. The best of all is that it airs the most popular sports events, including football, handball, basketball, table tennis and a lot more. 

It’s a no brainer that every fan would love better user experience and especially when watching their favorite sports. LaolaTV has got this sorted because they offer users exclusively clear pictures and air numerous games, so there are minimal chances that you will miss your favorite sports event. 

Laolatv partners with many sports giants, and that gives you a guarantee that they can never disappoint you at one given time. The best of all is that you can catch matches live on whatever device you have – be it your Android smartphone, Windows laptop, or your iOs. Finally, the website is relatively easy to navigate because all the sports are arranged on the primary menu. 

5. Stream2Watch

free streaming sites

While you were here looking for free sports streaming sites, we got you covered if you also love TV shows. This free sports streaming site also has a ton of tv shows you can stream at no cost. 

So you don’t have to fret if you are looking to access any content for free on the internet. On Stream2Watch, you can watch all the popular sports events, including football, baseball, NBA, baseball, tennis, cricket, and many others. 

The homepage is quite organized, and just with a click, you can find and watch your favorite sports event. However, there’s one thing I don’t like about the design. The homepage has a black background, and that’s not friendly to me. Maybe it will be best for some fanatics, but not me. All the same, it has an excellent user interface, and any visitor can quickly navigate through the site and find his or her favorite sports event. 

Watching live events is easy. All you have to do is click the sports you want to view and start to play. However, you must make sure that you have a stable internet connection free from frequent buffers. It is important to note that the Stream2Watch get their links from CBS, CNN, Eurosport, BBC, MTV, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, AXN, Animal Planet, CW, HBO, among others. 

You can watch your favorite sports event on either an Android smartphone, iPod, Sopcast, Upstream, among other devices. 

6. Stream Woop

free sports streaming sites

The Stream Woop sports streaming sites are one of the largest sports streaming sites globally and fetch their links from incredible and trustworthy sources. Their broadcast includes popular channels such as Fox sport, BeIN sports, SKY Sports, BT Sports, and TSN. 

This sports streaming site is free, but collect the links from reputable sources you can trust. You can find live streams, highlights, and even commentary updates if you missed any live event. The best of all is that you will find all your favorite sports channels, including football, cricket, rugby, FI, among other popular sporting activities. 

Sadly, I wouldn’t say I like the many ads that are on the site. When you first visit the site, there are so many annoying betting ads that come across, and they can be frustrating to anyone who wants to catch a live match. That’s the only downside I have seen so far. Otherwise, the platform is excellent and can save you a great deal if you are a fanatic fan. 

7. BossCast

If you haven’t found your perfect free sports streaming site up to this point, you should give BossCast a shot. This is one of the best free sports streaming sites you can find on the internet and free. If you have been streaming sports online, you probably have come across this free sports streaming site. 

If you haven’t, no worries, this sports streaming site gets all its content from some of the reputable channels like ESPN, TSN, Eurosport 2, among others. The best is that the platform offers a chatbox to enable users to communicate as they watch the matches freely. This can be fun, especially when you are sharing opinions regarding the games.

8. Go First Row

Go First Row has earned loyalty from top fans who can now follow their favorite sporting activities from the comfort of their homes. On this website, you can find a ton of sporting event links you can use to catch live sporting events across the world. 

The website has an exemplary user interface, and a visitor won’t get confused, looking for sporting events to watch. You can find some of the most popular sporting activities from the menu, and the homepage also has a ton of links you can click and start watching the matches. 

There’s so much Go First Row has to offer as far as live sporting events are concerned. You can watch football, Olympics, tennis, basketball, motorsports, rugby, among other live events you will find on the platform. 

You’ll see the country flags against the matches. To watch the games, you can click the “Live HD Stream.” However, if that link does not work, use the link 1, 2, or 3 to stream the matches live. 


SportLemon is one of the free sports streaming sites that offer users all the HD quality sporting activities. It’s safe, and you don’t have to worry much. If you feel insecure, you can use a VPN service to block any prying eyes from accessing your online activities. 

SportLemon is just like the other free sports streaming sites we have discussed above. It has an exemplary user interface, cold design, and comfortable navigation. You can stream all your favorite sporting activities, including football, cricket, tennis, baseball, and many more, as long as you have a stable internet connection. 

Watching the games is as easy as clicking on the links. You can choose the effects you want – 3D/HD effects, but this will depend on your internet connection’s stability. On many occasions, the quality will shift depending on the speed and strength of your internet connection. 

10. Streams Hunter

free sports streaming sites

Stream Hunter is just like any other free sports streaming sites we have discussed on this post. It collects the very best sporting links to enable you to stream the matches live. You can watch live football, handball, rugby, baseball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, moto, NFL, and many more sporting events on Streams Hunter. 

Now, like every other free sports streaming site, you will be redirected to a couple of websites before you can watch a match. And this is probably the most annoying downside of this platform. Apart from that everything looks fine and you can count on it any day. 

Bonus Free Sports Streaming Sites 

11. Cricfree

Cricfree is another free streaming site that takes pride in its simplicity and user-friendliness. Its landing page clearly outlines schedules based on the present hour, coming hour, and the following weekend. This enhances easy selection and lets users check the likelihood of their match to be streamed. 

Most people love that ads are indicated, and users are notified on sponsored. What’s more? You can stream nearly all games with the updated links, making it the best streaming site for bloggers and users fanatics. The best of all is that this site offers NFL stream features that are free from ads. 


  • One can quickly tell when a match is live or not
  • More often, the instant chat keeps users engaged while the game is on half-time
  • The team have designed the site bearing each discipline in mind so that you can filter depending on your needs
  • International sports channels are available to watch live 24/7. 


  • Fans need to be fully engaged on social networks for an exceptional experience 
  • Its pages design isn’t impressive, especially when compared to the other streaming sites. 

12. Mamahd

Mamahd is one of the best free streaming sites to watch the champions league live, and is often admired by the USA and UK fans. Unsurprisingly, this site can accommodate up to five million guests every month, with forty percent from Europe alone. For the most part, users can access various events – from the English Premier League to Basketball. So there are tons of benefits you’ll reap when you sign up with the Mamahd streaming site. 

Also, watching sports like live boxing, WWE, and UFC is dead simple. Besides, you can watch snooker, cricket, MotoGP, and Formula 1. Sadly, you’ll have to deal with the rare offline moments that prompt users to resound to another streaming site. 


  • Mamahd is a free streaming site that lets you broadcast on your PC just like any other site listed here
  • Impressive graphics used throughout the site
  • Organic traffic has improved immensely, with twenty additional users every month. 


  • There’s an abrupt disconnection in the Live Chat after a while of inactivity
  • The broadcast will stop unexpectedly after half-time, although on rare occasions. 

13. Goatdee

While most people seem to dislike Goatdee, it happens to be one of my favorite streaming sites. I only disapprove that it incorporates complex CSS and other animations; otherwise, it remains the best website for online sports. It’s recommended to browse through the updated links just before the match commences for a smooth experience. More often, you’ll find 10-15 broadcasts for each upcoming event. And from the look of things, Manchester United fans pay Goatdee frequent visits.  


  • Goatdee happens to be the most reliable streaming platform for techie-experts
  • Exhibits an introductory presentation and to the point
  • The links are updated regularly, with the only the best links included. 


  • Most users seem to dislike the lack of esthetic appeal throughout the website
  • It’s not ideal for streaming smaller games

14. Feed2all

free sports streaming sites

Again, Feed2all boasts its simplicity and user-friendliness. The landing page exhibits an esthetic appeal, which makes it reliable for watching in a dark room. Additionally, Feed2all updates all the upcoming games with an indicative logo beside each. 

Also, watching sports such as UFC, WWE, and boxing is a no-brainer. Other notable sports include cricket, snooker, MotoGP, and Formula 1. However, you’ll have to deal with the downside that comes with rare offline moments, which prompts users to seek alternative streaming websites. 


  • Feed2all streaming site lets you select your matches based on current time zones
  • The page layout and presentation are appealing throughout the website
  • It provides a smooth watching experience as no ads are included. 


  • Most users seem to dislike the logo and color blending 
  • Updates tend to be slower than the listed streaming sites

15. Myp2p

Myp2p free sports streaming site was once a blog but has evolved over the years to be one of the most trusted free sports streaming sites. This trusted sports streaming site’s slogan is “My peer to peer: the best guide for all your live sports.” If you are an ice-hockey or cricket deep-hyde, this free sports streaming site will match your needs. Reports also say that Myp2p is also best for streaming live Uefa Champions League and Europa matches. 


  • You can catch all the American soccer on this website. 
  • The pages load relatively fast, and there’s easy navigation. 
  • It features an auto-refresh, which keeps your streams updated at each point. 


  • Not many people love the homepage, and I suggest it be better if it was redesigned. 
  • You cannot find alternative matches straight away. You will have to find them on the website’s secondary pages. 

16. LiveTV

free sports streaming sites

Livetv is one of the most popular free sports streaming sites, with over 25 million visitors every month. That’s huge considering what other regular websites receive every month. The website is well-designed, and anyone visiting the site can attest that it has a cool user interface and easy navigation. 

The website is categorized into two – a live score section, and video archives. So you don’t have to fret if you missed any of the matches. It is also important to note that this free sports streaming site is not very popular in the United States compared to Europe, in countries like Italy, Germany, and France. 


  • The excellent user interface that is easy to navigate through. 
  • The platform notifies users of a sporting activity days before it is live. 
  • You have the freedom to create an account and participate in their forum. 
  • You get a ton of sporting events under one umbrella, thus improving your user experience. 


  • It is geo-restricted, and United Kingdom citizens can’t access it, except if you have a VPN service. 
  • Most users have preferred they include more NFL or American sports on the platform, but that hasn’t happened so far. 

17. Batmanstream

free sports streaming sites

Batmansstream takes pride as the best streaming site for online sports with 15 million-plus visitors every month. Unsurprisingly, 20 percent of their visitors come from the USA, enhancing its popularity worldwide. Even so, tons of activities make this website popular. Let’s go deeper and see.   

More often, fans converse here to watch live sports such as football, rugby, NHL, and NBA. Fans are also fortunate to find a friendly chat platform to address their debates, including concerns based on their experience. Batmanstream, previously known as Drakula, has improved immensely since the URL change. In fact, it’s been four years that this website is setting standards in the competitive industry. Bloggers usually consider it as #1 to go to a streaming site among other stream sports online. 


  • Batmanstream has an uptime of up to 95 percent when bigger games like champions league are live. 
  • You can stream any sporting events – yes, even those that are so unpopular. 
  • The website is categorized into your favorite sporting events, including football, handball, tennis, basketball, motorsports, hockey, and volleyball. 
  • There are a variety of links to choose from updated every 15 minutes. 
  • You can search for every football sporting event in the competition. For example, you can search for the Bundesliga, FA Cup, Ligue 1, among other leagues. 


  • It restricts other countries, which can be a pain in the ass. 

Bottom Line 

There you have it – a list of 17 free sports streaming sites you can watch all your favorite sporting activities live. Like I have mentioned, one of the downsides of free sports streaming sites is advertisements and geo-restrictions. Fortunately, you can bypass all these with our VPN service, which also comes at an affordable price. Feel free to check it out and let us know if there’s any question. 

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